A true review of color changing nail polish! does it really work?

Color changing nail polish review

Color changing nail polishcolor changing nail polish is the best nail polish for you if you are bored on regular or common nail polish.  Color changing nail polishes also knows as mood nail polish. Color changing nail polishes change its color by itself depending on the temperature. As color changing nail polishes are becoming very popular for its color magic, so many of manufacturers are launching various colors and keeping their price range inconvenient.  In this review, I would provide you a brief about color changing nail polishes. Hope all the information would help you out to get rid of regular nail polish or common nail art. Read the rest of this entry »

A comprehensive buying guideline for best makeup brushes

Best makeup brushesBest makeup brushes Review

Best makeup brushes is an important tool for the beginners and professionals. Best makeup brushes depend on quality and ingredients of it. There are so many makeup brush manufacturers are in the market for their product. Some of them are really good and some of them are ok. As a user or a customer, we always prefer to buy which is better than others and suits us. Selecting best makeup brushes is not an easy work to do as so many manufacturers have a different kind of brush and offers. In this review, I would provide you some information about best makeup brush that you can choose for you and get a good result. Read the rest of this entry »

Best white lipstick short listed by beauty salon owner

Best white lipstick ever for tremendous results of application

white lipstickMy name is Christina. I am from the downtown area. Since my childhood, I have weakness on make-up and nail polish art. I still remember when my granny asked me on my 8th birthday that what I want to be in future? I just replied her that I want to be a make-up artist. Yeah Thanks to God that I made it. At the moment I am working as a makeup expert in and organization.

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Top 5 best gold lipstick reviewed by pro make-up experts

Buy best gold lipstick and give your lips Tremendous look

gold lipstickIf you want to give your lips very moisturized looks all the time gold lipstick is the best one for you.  The gold lipstick also can be use to give a shiny look on your lips. If you use gold matte lipstick on your lips and then apply glossy finish on it your lips will get melted gold effect easily. At this time in the beauty market, there are so many colors available for lipsticks. Gold lipstick is one of most demand able lipstick color among all age women.

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An expert suggestion to find best pink lipstick

Top 7 best pink lipstick short-listed by beauty experts

It’s not a matter which country you form or what is your skin tone color. As women, you must need to have a pink lipstick in your collection as the most favorite color for all age women is pink. Pink is the most favorite color among all age women in the world. We had a survey about the most favorite lipstick color on 45700 women from 16 – 43 years old all around the world. Among them, 48.93% women have been said that they are likely to pick pink lipstick rather than another colour. That research and survey clearly show us how favorite is pink lipstick among all age women and how much they are desired to find the best pink lipstick from the market. So that’s why as a team of beauty experts we have decided to suggest our reader provide information and short-list some of the best selling pink lipstick which will help our readers to get the right product with the right price.

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A comprehensive buying guideline for green lipstick. (Expert’s review)

green lipstickGreen lipstick review

Have you ever thought to try green lipstick on your lips? I think the first question would arise in your mind that how would I look like with it? Well, then I should let you know that now a day most questioners look for the answer on the internet and in so many beauty salons to suggest something different and fashionable. Green lips can stretch out past today, too. With such a wide assortment of greens available, we discovered shades to coordinate each identity, inclination, and season. We uncovered Spring-prepared mints and green pastels and additionally metallic emeralds of fluctuating tones – all to help you make a dream proclamation or simply make your ordinary look somewhat braver. Look at our wide beneath and let it lead you to a definitive in lucky green lips.

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Looking for best red lipstick?Check out our expert review

red lipstickBest red lipstick review 

Red lipstick is one of the favorite colors for all age women. This is one of the colors which can easily match with any skin tone. MATT or glossy, retro or modern, diffused or solid, a bolt of red lipstick can update your look instantly. Well, there may be controversy about the HUE but the main color red is everyone’s favorite lip color I can say without any confusion.

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Looking for purple lipstick? get the best one from here

purple lipstickTop selling purple lipstick Review

Demand of colourful lipsticks are increasing day by day. At the beginning when lipstick invented to meet the demand of the consumers there are only few colours was available in the market, they were nude colour, lip colour, brown colour and coffee colour. But now a day you may find so many different colours of lipsticks in the market which are really eye catchy colour and will make you prettier after applying them.

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whatever is you lip colour Black lipstick will add more beauty

black lipstickBlack lipstick review

Some common colour of lipstick is becoming boring day by day. Women now a day want to be different with each and every style in their daily life. Red, orange, nude, baby pink, pink, brown etc is common colour lipstick. Some unique colours are getting popularity now a day among all age and professional women also for models too. Such as blue, purple, yellow, navy blue, black etc. Today I am going to discuss about black lipsticks and will give you suggestion to top selling black lipsticks which can bring a new design and style on your lips as well as can attract everyone to your lips.

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Blue lipstick ! essential colour you must have in collection

blue lipstickTop selling blue colour lipsticks review

Lipstick is one of the main elements in make-up section which can highlight and make attractive your lips. Lips cover a small area of face, but it’s true that this is the most attracting point of any human face. so this is important for every women to choose the best lipstick and choose the best colour with outfits. If you put wrong colour on your lips can mess your whole fashion look. So you may call it sensitive opinion to choose proper colour. Depending on the user demand there are so many different kind of lipstick colours are available in the market. Such as black, red, green, purple, gold, silver, white etc. Among all of them now a day blue is getting more famous as its demand is so high in the market.

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